November 29, 2010

Tomy Likely. Tommy Want (Modern) Wingy.

Yeah I just quoted Tommy Boy in the title. I love that movie.

Back to the point, I've pretty much closed in on my photographer and my venue. We were planning to get married in the Spring of 2012. Now we are thinking that it would just be way too much stress to go through an entire holiday season (of 2011) and wait another whole year to get married. That just seems crazy town to me and Doug included. At first I didn't really see eye to eye with him, and thought he was being somewhat unreasonable with all of the sudden recommending the fall 2011 date (don't worry, I expressed my concern over the phone so when he reads this he won't be surprised) since I had already convinced my parents of 6 months after that (so they would be able to save up for their daughter!). Then I realized that a fall wedding would just be more fitting and appropriate for us as a couple. The sooner, the better, especially since I am hyperactive at planning it could actually be feasible. Once again, Doug is the calm voice of reason. I'm so glad I'm not marrying someone Type A (like myself) who can keep my strategic perspective in tact. We'll figure out the budgets tonight (since the discount months are December through April for the Modern Wing, so that will add on a little extra cost) after we hopefully get our Christmas tree (I'm the best Jew ever, I know). I'm driving the Wedding Coordinator at the Modern Wing nuts. I'm okay with that. I already apologized for emailing her 3 times already this morning. She said "no worries" which I don't believe but whatever. She's very patient, thank GOD.

That brings me to the lovely photographs I've added on this post. I'm going to plan to use "Artisian Events" for my photography company. They are simply fantastic. Plus, they respond (no joke) within 30 minutes to any email I ever send. My dream Type A photographers. It doesn't get any better than a talented photography company whose Senior Photographers know how to use their BlackBerries. Woo! I love it. Check out their site. Gorgeous work. Plus, they are really familiar with the Modern Wing (have shot it a few times already). I asked if they were prepared to take jumping action photographs. They said "absolutely." I'm in. I haven't really told Doug about them yet. Hi, Doug. This is who I like. Can we talk about this tonight? I love you and appreciate your understanding of my planning.

Cheers all and look forward to hearing more details!

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