December 1, 2010


We are thinking of hiring Hatch Show Print to create our wedding invitations. I'm personally excited that Doug mentioned this as an idea, since we are both willing to spend the extra time & effort (considering Hatch Show Prints is not only located in Tennessee but only accepts phone calls or faxes, it will certainly be additional effort than originally planned for invitation creation) for something a little bit more "us."

We certainly have a good deal of personality between the two of us. Doug is extremely dry and witty, and well, I'm just an extreme extrovert. I'm a type A Jew, and Doug is type B. We think, eat, and live differently, and therefore keep each others lives exciting & function well as a unit (most of the times! kidding kidding). That having been said, we need something unique, and fitting to our relationship and to our personalities. I think the invitation is a big deal & really does set the tone for the wedding. I got excited when I was reading their website (yes, they have a functioning website despite their low technology ways) and read that Hatch believes "

I plan to only use black and white tones in the wedding for the decor. I think funky letterpress in a artsy/vintage style could be a great look for us. Plus, we have artwork from this vendor in our home! So we know that we absolutely love it and it matches our home environment as well.

Next step is just learning how to fax again. Isn't that hilarious that they are super old school? It's charming, yes, but not super charming to a Blackberry obsessed person like myself. I need immediate responses or else I freak out a little. When I called their offices, a lady with a southern draw answered the phone and told me to fax over a piece of paper with information on who we are as a couple so she could add flair to our invitations and send over some fax as well. I have put some samples of their press poster for everyone to have a look at, to see their style. It's very retro and I absolutely love it.

"If you follow music, art, and culture of the American South, sooner or later you're bound to run into the letters, images, and unmistakable "look" of Hatch Show Print. We're one of the oldest working letterpress print shops in America...."

Have a look at their site
I'll keep everyone posted on how they turn out!

Happy Faxing,


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