December 3, 2010

Got Floral?

I have recently been drawn to floral patterned items lately and am constantly reminded of one of my favorite co-workers, Kate, who can pull off anything floral better than anyone known to man. I think I would look semi ridiculous in delicate floral clothing because of my ahhem, "upper body physique" shall we say, so stick to accessories that are floral instead. I came across some gorgeous items lately that I just had to share. I think many of the below items would actually be really great gifts as well for the holiday season.

Gorgeous flowers. Great for a gift or for my wedding, hah. I'm having all white baby! Martha Stewart taught me this, of course. I'm very interested in flat, non fussy centerpieces. They are great gifts for hostesses especially if they are a neutral tone so they match everything. I only have white flowers in my house. A strange obsession of mine. Don't judge!
Click here

Someone else could totally rock this dress. Not me. But I LOVE it.
J Crew factory (Weekends only).
Click here

Boscobel Travel Bag, Grove
(available on the discount site "One Kings Lane" at the moment for only $89.00) Click here

Floral Jumble Scarf Anthropologie Click here

Verdant Acres Dinnerware, Anthropologie. Click here

Invitations, Martha Stewart (I like floral themed invitations for any event, not necessarily a wedding. I think they can be beautiful holiday and or birthday cards, too). Click here

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