September 22, 2010

FAIR-est of Them All.

I walked around the Wicker Park Renegade Handmade Art Fair about 2 weekends ago (after eating brunch with Doug's parents at "Feast" in my jazz pants). Although it was partially raining outside on the Saturday that I went, I was overall, extremely impressed. I also had the sudden urge, after witnessing the immensely creative talent being displayed, to go back to my apartment and start spontaneously bursting into craft projects using organic fabrics. Okay maybe that's too far, but either way, I was super impressed. I mean we are talking people who crafted pillows from old scarves, and letter-pressed band names etched across a photo of a Chicago landmark. Seriously interesting stuff. Above is the pillow that you'll see in an earlier post where I introduce everyone to my coffee table and couch. It's the print of a blue line El Train that is inked into the fabric with which the pillow was created. On the back second 1/2 of the pillow is a darker shade of gray tweed fabric. Super cool, eh? Totally hipster. I felt as though it added a nice touch to the preppy modern yet classic couch we purchased for the living room.
PILLOW: Zerobird Studio,
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I'm super excited to
share these posters I purchased (which we have yet to frame). I think these are pretty unique and adorable. It's amazing how something as minor as a couple of numbers in an area code can represent the two people that live in our apartment-"847" and "312". Of course, I'm an "847" since I am from Wilmette, inspiration to Mean Girls and the land of Range Rovers. Don't worry, I wasn't privileged to one of those $50,000+ vehicles at age 15. Doug, on the other hand, who is representing the "312" area code, is the person who had an Atlanta number, followed by a Champaign number, then when he interned in Leo Burnett, had a Chicago area code. Might be TMI, but hey, sorry, these posters just got my thinking of how defining an area code on your cell phone can be. It makes me thinking of the scene in Sex and the City 2 when Carrie Bradshaw is talking about being an "old New York" area code person versus the "new New York" when she has to get a new cell phone after throwing hers into the beach in Mexico after Big didn't show up at their wedding. Mish, stop going on tangents, move on. Back to the posters, these are prints that we will figure out where to hang in our apartment.
POSTERS: Area Code Project (Click to View Website)

Craft Fair Website

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