December 25, 2010

You'll Shoot Your Eye Out

Just like in "A Christmas Story," the Goldstein family ended up at an Asian restaurant instead of having a nice home cooked Christmas meal. Shine, the sushi restaurant, in Lincoln Park, was where the black Sienna Toyota Minivan ended up. We were actually on our way to The Bagel Deli instead, but instead decided that instead of Jews we'd go Asian. Good call. Our meal was absolutely delicious. Just wanted to blog a bit about the menu, as most of the items have changed (for the best) since I've been there last (this summer). Even the plates are new, of course I'd notice something like that because they are specifically a set of Crate and Barrel plates I've had my eye on for a while.

Besides the new plates, which I'm sure no one cares about but I, this venue now features BROWN RICE. Woo! Once again, not sure who would appreciate this, but I have an aversion to white rice recently. I guess I just realized how much healthier brown whole wheat rice is to substitute for white rice, even when eating something as light as sushi. When you consume carbohydrates in the quantities that I do, I think those little switches are important.

We started off the meal with vegetable pot stickers (mom), duck wraps (dad), edamame (brother and I) and then miso soup. Everything was tasty and well presented of course. My father ordered the salmon teriyaki (which came with fresh vegetables and rice), my mother ordered tofu broccoli stir fry. Both were seriously excellent. I had my favorite roll there (shhh, it's not on the menu) called the "Green Maki Roll" which is two types of fish and wrapped in lettuce, and a California roll (I wasn't in the mood for anything fancy). My dinner was followed by a good collection of dark chocolate and cranberry bars at home per usual.

The food was excellent, as was the service.

Whatever you are doing new, Shine, keep it up! Merry Christmas!

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