March 6, 2011


Not sure if anyone has seen the movie Spanglish. It's one of those movies that you either love or you hate. I love it (Doug feels otherwise). The pronunciation of the main characters name in the film, Flor (played by beauty Paz Venga),  is impossible for Tea Leoni to pronounce as the movie opens. Very funny to me at least. I was reminded of that scene when we went to Florentine (at the JW Marriott) last week for a business lunch with one of our clients because the hostess at the restaurant rolled her "r" when she welcomed us (done correctly unlike lovely Leoni).

The JW Marriott is absolutely gorgeous.  I was very impressed. It looked like Titanic when I walked in with white marble floors and long banisters. I'm not a huge fan of Italian food, but this restaurant was pretty basic and offered some simple dishes including goat cheese pizza with leeks and arugula hazelnut salad. It looks like a nice place to head to after work, since there is a nice bar right when you walk in. I don't understand people who can do pasta for lunch, but those that ordered that at our table seemed to enjoy it. Give it a whirl. But let me  warn you that if you venture there during lunch not in business casuals you'll be under dressed (after all, it is financial district during lunch hours!).

Lunch Menu Here
Dinner Menu Here


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