March 9, 2011

Golden Ticket.

Felt this would be funny to share. I love Vosges Chocolate more than life. Therefore, it would only make sense to have it at my wedding as a treat for my guests.


I was given your contact information from one of my favorite co-workers, Randy. After sitting next to me in the office for over a year, Randy knows first-hand of my passion for Chocolate!

That having been said, I but jumped at the opportunity to reach out to you after discovering Randy rode the train with someone at my favorite Chocolate company (of all time), Vosges. For an extremely healthy eater, it’s ironic that I consider the Vosges products to be part of my diet (my favorites being the Barcelona Bar, Black Pearl Dark Chocolate Truffle, Peppermint Candy Cane, and Blood Orange Caramel). I am absolutely your biggest brand ambassador!

I may also reach out to you via phone in case that is more convenient for you, but wanted to inquire about the possibility of including Vosges within my October 22, 2011 wedding (at the Modern Wing in Chicago). I have given these products away as gifts for years, and it would only be fitting.

I’d love to discuss what options may be available from a pricing standpoint and would be honored to have 2 minutes of your time! I hope to connect with you soon.

Thank you in advance!
Michelle Goldstein

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